From prototype to very large series

  • Components sourcing
    • Supply of standard and obsolete components
    • international supply of specific components
    • Storage components
  • prototype wiring
    • electronic card wiring automatic manual or semi to model or prototype fast period component traditional and CMS as well as any special components
    • X-ray test and others on request
  • Wiring components map crossing
  • SMD wiring
    • Auto Exposure, convection soldering strength or vapor
    • Laying BGA, thermal profile study, welding / laser soldering, reballing, RX control test
  • wire cabling
    • Cup, automatic stripping, crimping lugs, identification test
    • Press Fit technology
  • tests
    • Design and production of test benches
  • Wiring and integration of cabinets, racks, cables
  • Tropicalization, molding