The range of products includes Layout PCB Design all that matters in the field of connectors.


We maintain relationships worldwide with the producers of first choice. We specialize in counseling and development and are at the same offer you the little "extra" that makes the difference. Often a single standardized product no longer meets the complicated technical requirements today. It is precisely in this area as we are your partner and qualified consultant for special versions and custom adaptations.


Screw terminals for CI
circular Connectors
Connectors for sensors
Network connectors
D-Sub connectors and hoods
DIN connectors 41612 / DIN 41617 / DIN 41618 / DIN 41622
PCB connectors, PCB
bars connectors
Circular Connectors, Military, Aerospace
FCC / RJ, USB, IEEE 1394
special connectors
Connectors V35
Industrial Connectors
mini DIN
Coax connectors
IP68 connectors
Connectors AC / DC
Connectors for flat cable