We develop different processors ranges





electrical and technical characteristics :

  • Power 1VA 30 KVA (others on request)
  • Rated voltage 10 KV (others on request)
  • Operating frequency of 50 Hz and 1000
  • Single or multiple primary and secondary voltages, with or without electrostatic screen.
  • Isolation between primary and secondary enhanced up to 10 KV
  • Protected or not against short circuits and overloads by device
  • Transformer low inrush current

Presentation :

  • Naked version (cabinet installation) or hooded (IP 225), molded PCB
  • flat or standard circuit low congestion
  • Montage vertical or horizontal
  • Complete Vacuum impregnation, tropicalised version for wet environments.

Fixation :

  • Mounting brackets for plates or electric cabinets
  • balusters, saddles, stirrups
  • Inserts for self-tapping screws (in cast version)
  • Clips for mounting on DIN rail

Connection :

  • lugs for PCB
  • Soldering, brass thimbles
  • Flexible Son
  • Screw terminals, through-junctions


  • phase change Transformers: Three-phase / single phase Type Leblanc, Scott



electrical and technical characteristics :

  • Power up to 10 KVA (others on request)
  • Maximum rated voltage 10 KV (others on request)
  • Transformer ferrite switching converters like push pull, fly back ...
  • Winding enamelled copper wire, litz wire wrapped nylon or polyester
  • Winding on carcass or winding up holder
  • Winding sandwich with low leakage inductance
  • Winding Z low inter-layer parasitic capacitances
  • Winding bands with margin with significant leakage lines

Presentation :

  • Naked version for PCB
  • With external magnetic shielding against electromagnetic interference
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting, flat mounting
  • Complete Vacuum impregnation version Tropicalised
  • ferrite Format: pot RM, EFD, ETD, UR ... rod assembly of tailored ferrites

Connection :

  • lugs for PCB
  • Flexible Son
  • terminals





electrical and technical characteristics :

  • Single Inductor filtering and smoothing up to 5 KVAR
  • Current up to 200A
  • HF resonance converter for Self.
  • Self Ballast for UV lamp

Presentation :
naked version hooded or molded

Connection :
screw terminals, lugs or pins


Layout PCB Design is able to offer a wide range of toroidal transformers to power 20,000 VA. These transformers are usually realize on customer specifications and to meet international safety standards: UL, CSA, EN


NoOur achievements are applied in many fields :

- Industry

- Steel

- Machine tools

- Medical

- Electronics

- Automation

- Rail

All our products are tested, guaranteed 1 year and comply with standards.