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An important thing to know is that Ultraviolet is not a single entity, but is a wide band of wavelengths.
The chief natural source of UV is the sun. In fact, about 9% of all energy emitted by the sun is UV, it differs from the light of the sun only in that its wavelengths are too short to be seen by the human eye.
Ultraviolet radiation is part of the elettromagnetic spectrum and it is included betweem the visible region and that of the X rays.
Ultraviolet radiation applications are very widespread and varied, it is used in many areas ranging from the medical and biotechnology fields to the automotive and electronics industries.

The different band of wave length of the ultraviolet spectrum show considerable variations, for this reasons it is divided in thee regions:

  • UV-A 400-320 nm Long waves
  • UV-B 320-290 nm Medium wave
  • UV-C 290-180 nm Short waves


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