printed circuit wiring


implementation and wiring of your circuit boards (pcb printed circuit board)


PCB Layout Design offers a comprehensive range which includes: prototyping (manufacture of electronic prototypes (card, unit ...)), cabling, industrialization, manufacturing cards or electronic assemblies, purchases of electronic components and PCB testing, service and integration of electronic boards, sub-assemblies and electronic assemblies.

You can choose to entrust all or part of the benefits and services we provide, both for small and large series.


For the wiring PCB Layout Design with you.

Cablage circuit imprimeImplementation and wiring of your circuit :

  • Making your boards (from single-sided to multi-layer)
  • Compliant with RoHS
  • Laying all SMD components on automatic latest transfer machine
  • reflow total Convection Oven
  • Machine wave soldering
  • Cutting machine and preforming
  • test machine

Câblage Traditionnel :

  • A competent team for quality work
  • electronic card wiring and industrial equipment (cabinets, racks, windows, cables)

Câblage / montage :

  • Installation of electronic and electrical equipment cabinets, racks, windows, etc.
  • Cable achievement for electronics or electrical engineering



From prototype to a great series

  • Sourcing Components
    • Supply of standard and obsolete components
    • International supply of specific components
    • Storage of components
  • Prototype wiring
    • Wiring of manual or semi automatic electronic cards for models or prototypes quickly with traditional components and SMD as well as all the special components
    • X-rays and other tests on request
  • Wring component card
  • SMD wiring
    • Automatic installation, soldering, forced convection or vapour-phase
    • BGA installation, thermal profile study, soldering / desoldering laser, reballing, RX control, test
  • Wire Bond
    • Cutting, automatic stripping, terminal crimping, identification, testing
  • Tests
    • Design and production of test benches
  • Wiring and integration of cabinets, racks, cables
  • Tropicalisation, moulding