PCB Layout Design offers a wide range of fans


Centrifugal Fans

Particularly suitable for clean air intake or slightly dusty smoke (not abrasive) cooling in general.
They find use in all industrial applications where it must have small air volumes small pressures.

Centrifuges DD and DDD (dual and quad exhaust) core engine are built to meet the the most sophisticated requirements of the authors of industrial projects in the sectors of air conditioning air, heating, refrigeration, and in all cases with little congestion must be large pressures, and even with some noise must get great performance.


The tangential fans

Particularly suitable for use where there is limited space or but must be large volumes of air with low noise and at the same time, a steady stream.

The FF-FFD series offer an additional opportunity because we can fix them through 4 + 4 extensions directly drawn into the side.


Axial Fans

In this series of fans the air enters and exits the fan of axial manner, through a system of direct crossing.

The AX series consists of 5 sizes.
The SA series consists of 2 sizes.
The MA series is constituted by 1 size


Options :
Heating elements for cross flow fans and electronic speed regulators.