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Circuit imprime pcb

PCB Layout Design is a specialist in rapid manufacturing PCB prototypes and small series. Thanks to a flexible organization and hyper reactive, PCB Layout Design offers manufacturing time from 24 hours flat for single sided PCB, double sided, and multilayer.

PCB Layout Design control the complete production cycle, a complex and fascinating process. It is a team of experts is at your side to support in your step with a printed PCB circuit.



The circuit board or PCB (its English expression Printed Circuit Board) is a support to accommodate and link together a set of electronic components.

It consists of several thin layers of copper separated by an insulating material. In general, the number of copper layer varies between a single-sided circuit (One copper layer) and a circuit with several layers.

Manufacture of electronic cards is done in 2 steps :

  • First you must make its support (we call PCB)
  • Secondly we just fix (weld) the electronic components on its surface.